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How the value of scraps is determinded

This quick check offers you and overview of industrial production and shows the current state of the world economy:

Dollarkurs von

Raw materials and recycled goods are being traded with US dollars at the international markets.

(dollar chart from

Oelpreis von

Recycled metals and raw materials are being moved great distances using large amounts of energy.

(oil price chart from

Goldpreis von

Gold is the most noble of all metals with the highest recycling rate: 99,89%.

(gold price chart from

Recycling raw materials, which are being realized at demolition and scrapping projects after sorting, can be found at the commodity exchanges all around the world.(London Metal Exchange, New York, Chicago, Shanghai)
The trading commodity scrap/metals are being noted at national exchanges. (Dow Jones, Euwid)

It is only at this point that the final price of the scraps is determined. It can be in line with – or completely oppose – the industrial raw material prices.

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